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Child Coloring a Turtle Picture

At-Home Aquatic Activities

There's still plenty of Aquarium fun to experience, even from inside your home! Check out the aquatic activities below, and don't forget to tune in to our livestreams for an up-close look at our Blacktip Reef exhibit, blue blubber jellies and residents of a Pacific coral reef.

Dive Deep Into a Word Search

Can you find all the hidden words in these ocean-themed puzzles?

Word Search Illustration
Coral Search-and-Find

Search for the animals that live in the Florida Reef.

Download Word Search
Word Search Illustration
Octopus Search-and-Find

These words are as hidden as an octopus on the seafloor.

Download Word Search
Word Search Illustration
Jellies Search-and-Find

See if you can locate all the jelly-related words.

Download Word Search

Octo-Hero to the Rescue

The octopus is a master of disguise and escape—its color-changing and shape-shifting abilities are sensational superpowers that rival even the most epic of superheroes. Download this mask and you can become an octo-hero, too! Learn how to create the mask with our step-by-step instructions and video.

Download Mask
Octo-hero Mask Preview

Color the Ocean, from A to Z

Grab your crayons and get ready to learn your aquatic ABCs—from anemones to zebra mussels and everything in between!

Anemone Coloring Page Example

Each downloadable coloring page below features two letters, plus fun facts. To learn even more about each featured animal or term—or for color inspiration!—check out Oceans A to Z.

Aquarium Backgrounds for Zoom

Bring the wonders of the aquatic world to your online meeting with virtual backgrounds from the National Aquarium! Picture yourself hanging with an octopus, traveling to the Inner Harbor, getting up close with moray eels, or swimming with tropical fish.

More Fun Resources