Octo-hero Mask

Watermarks Winter 2018

  • Multimedia

Create the octopus mask found in our winter 2018 issue of Watermarks to transform into an octo-hero!

You will need: coloring supplies, scissors, glue, tape and two pieces of ribbon or string.

  1. Color in the octopus.
  2. Carefully cut along the solid black lines, and cut out the solid black shapes.
  3. Fold along the dashed black lines to create blue triangular tabs.
  4. Glue the solid black edges of the tabs over the blue triangle, meeting the dashed line. Secure with tape for a stronger hold.
  5. Glue a piece of ribbon or string on the left and right back sides of the mask, then secure with tape for a stronger hold.
  6. Line up the holes on the mask with your eyes and tie the ribbon or string behind your head.
  7. Save the day as an octo-hero!

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