Award-Winning Exhibits

Experience dozens of unique aquatic habitats—from a northern Australian river gorge to an Indo-Pacific reef to a tropical rain forest—all interconnected by the binding force of water.

Amazon River Forest

Discover an Amazon tributary in three distinct stages of seasonal flooding.

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Atlantic Coral Reef

Experience a bustling coral reef habitat with thousands of tropical fishes.

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Australia: Wild Extremes

Experience the natural wonders of an Australian river gorge.

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Blacktip Reef

Discover the aquatic life that thrives in a colorful Indo-Pacific reef.

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Dolphin Discovery

Get a glimpse into the daily life of a colony of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

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Jellies Invasion

Get up close with nine species of mesmerizing jellies.

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Living Seashore

Discover the treasures of the mid-Atlantic in this interactive, hands-on exhibit.

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Maryland: Mountains to the Sea

Discover the diversity of Maryland’s aquatic ecosystems—and the animals that call them home.

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North Atlantic to the Pacific

Journey from the rocky cliffs of the Atlantic coast to a brilliant Pacific coral reef.

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