Welcome to the National Aquarium newsroom! Thank you for helping us further our mission to connect people with nature to inspire compassion and care for our ocean planet. We are pleased to share Aquarium news, press releases, story ideas, media guidelines and a library of visual assets with members of traditional and online media outlets. From animal news to conservation initiatives and operational updates, you'll find everything you need to tell your National Aquarium story right here.

Aquarium Access and Asset Requests

The National Aquarium is happy to assist verified representatives of both traditional and online media outlets in obtaining Aquarium visual assets as well as access to our buildings and our experts. Please review the following guidelines before thoroughly completing our Media Request Form with all relevant information about your request and your publication, site or outlet. We ask that you allow up to five business days for our public relations team to process and approve your request.

Visual Asset Requests

We have assembled a comprehensive gallery of commonly requested photography and video assets for media use. If you require additional assets, you may describe them in the appropriate space within the form and we will do our best to assist you within five business days.

Please note: All photo and video assets provided are copyright of National Aquarium and should be credited, "Courtesy of the National Aquarium." Assets are available free of charge for media and educational purposes; however, fees may be applicable for commercial use.

Aquarium Admission

The National Aquarium is able to extend two (2) complimentary Aquarium admission passes to verified journalists from traditional print and broadcast media outlets, and to bloggers meeting certain requirements. Media ticket requests should be submitted at least three business days prior to your intended date of arrival through our Media Request Form.

Please be aware that being granted admission tickets to the Aquarium does not indicate permission to film within the building. To contact a public relations team member directly, please email media@aqua.org or call 410-986-2386.

Interview and Film Requests

To arrange an interview with a member of the Aquarium staff or to request permission to film within any Aquarium location or event, please fill out our request form. Please note: media will not be permitted to enter the Aquarium without prior approval from the public relations team.

Media Conduct Guidelines


All members of the media seeking access to or filming permission for the National Aquarium, the Animal Care and Rescue Center or any Aquarium event must contact the public relations team at least three business days prior to arrival or they will not be admitted. Upon approval, a public relations team member will be available to assist with scheduling, on-site parking and more. Media must be escorted by Aquarium public relations staff while on Aquarium property.

Guests First!

The National Aquarium operates 7 days a week, 363 days a year. While we are happy to accommodate members of the media, we do ask that you respect our guests so that they may experience our world-class exhibits as intended.

Flash Photography

Animal welfare is our top priority. Therefore, certain flash photography/lighting will not be permitted. Lighting needs must be discussed in advance with a member of the public relations team and cleared by animal care staff before your visit.

Commercial Filming

Production companies interested in filming at the National Aquarium may email us at media@aqua.org. Please note, we require at least four weeks' notice, and fees and restrictions do apply.

Student Filming

Regrettably, due to the amount of time associated with escorting film crews, we are unable to accommodate requests to help with student film, photography or documentary projects. We receive thousands of requests from students each year and simply cannot meet the demand these projects place on staff time.

Exterior Lighting Requests

The National Aquarium accepts requests to temporarily change the color of the exterior lights on its Upland Tropical Rain Forest glass pyramid. Please review the following guidelines and complete our lighting request form for consideration.

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