Our Mission

The National Aquarium's mission—to connect people with nature to inspire compassion and care for our ocean planet—begins within the walls of our buildings, but it does not end there. We protect, enhance and restore natural resources through education, engagement, habitat restoration, animal rescue work and sustainable business practices. We are creating a global community of hopeful conservationists, united to restore our planet.

Our Conservation Goals

Our conservation work is guided by three overarching goals—to combat climate change, save wildlife and habitats, and stop plastic pollution.

Combat Climate Change

Global climate change poses serious challenges, but each one of us has the ability and responsibility to care for our ocean planet.

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Save Wildlife and Habitats

We practice the highest standards of animal care and are a leader in animal welfare—both inside the Aquarium and out. We protect wildlife and the places they live.

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Stop Plastic Pollution

We protect vital habitats for wildlife and people by advocating for the elimination of single-use plastics and removing plastic pollution from waterways and wetlands.

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Initiatives How We Act On Our Conservation Goals

We act on our conservation goals by protecting and restoring the environment, advocating and caring for animals, and educating and empowering people.

A Better Baltimore

Our waterfront campus project promotes clean water in the Inner Harbor and teaches visitors about the harbor’s connection to the ocean.

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Animal Rescue

Environmental Responsibility

Habitat Restoration

Youth Education

Conservation Stories

Conservation The Ocean's Unsung Heroes

Conservation Gwynns Falls: West Side Story

Multimedia Building the Aquarium's Newest Exhibit

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

The National Aquarium is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive, equitable and accessible to people from all backgrounds. We cannot successfully change the way humanity cares for our ocean planet without connecting with and appreciating the broad diversity of identities, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make our community unique.

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