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Through full-time and part-time positions, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of options to get involved at the National Aquarium!


Thank you for your interest is working at the National Aquarium! From animal care to administration and everything in between, we're always looking for passionate, talented individuals to join our team and help us inspire conservation of the world's aquatic treasures. Please browse our available positions, and be sure to check back often!


Internships at the National Aquarium provide hands-on experiences that add value to any college education. By applying classroom knowledge, interns obtain valuable job experience and establish professional contacts.

College internship positions are available year-round in many departments throughout the Aquarium. The Aquarium makes every effort to match interns to work that complements their studies, interests and skills. Students may apply for up to two internships per term; if more than two applications are submitted, only the first two will be considered.

Please note: Interns must receive college credit while completing a minimum of 120 hours of work within the selected term, and a complete application includes a copy of your resume with two references listed, an unofficial transcript, and a letter from your academic advisor stating that you will receive college credit or a transcript notation acknowledging the internship.

Term Application Open Application Deadline
December through February
October 1 November 1
January through May
October 1 December 1
May through September
February 1 March 1
September through December
April 1 May 1

Please note that we will not accept any applications outside of the timelines outlined above, although we extend the deadline for some internship positions until the 15th of the month.

Need Help?

Please email with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each college has different requirements and ways of granting credits. As long as you receive at least one credit or a transcript notation, you fulfill the requirement.

Schedules are flexible; some interns work 40 hours per week for three weeks to complete their hours while others work eight hours one to two days per week for a longer period. Your exact hours will vary according to the time of year, your supervisor's schedule and the work that needs to be completed. Your hours will be determined during your interview or upon acceptance.

No. However, many interns make use of the many short-term housing options available in the area, and parking is available at a reduced rate.

High school students cannot participate in the internship program, but they can apply for the youth exhibit guide program.

Recent college graduates are able to participate in the internship program by receiving non-degree-seeking credit from their college. Another option is to become a volunteer.

Graduate students are able to participate in the program, although many positions are tailored to undergraduate students. The same application requirements apply to graduate students, including receipt of credit.

International students are encouraged to apply, but please note that the Aquarium cannot sponsor any visas.

Underclassmen can be accepted, but juniors and seniors are usually more qualified. A junior or senior applicant has had more classes specific to their major that they are able to apply to their work as an intern. Many colleges do not allow students to participate in an internship experience until they have a minimum of 60 credit hours. Please make sure your college will allow you to apply as an underclassman.

Yes. You can start your experience at the Aquarium as a volunteer and/or stay involved as a volunteer after your internship has been completed.


There are so many opportunities to volunteer with the National Aquarium—for those who want to get involved in the building, are dedicated to conserving our local habitats, and are high school students.


In-building volunteers run every aspect of the Aquarium with enthusiasm and dedication. Become a volunteer and help us inspire conservation of the world's aquatic treasures!

In the Field

Join us as we restore vital habitats for people and wildlife, conduct citizen science, welcome esteemed speakers and more. Together we can make a difference!

For Students

The National Aquarium's Youth Exhibit Guide Program gives high school students the opportunity to volunteer at the Aquarium over the summer.

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