Horn Shark

(Heterodontus francisci)


The horn shark gets its name from the short venomous "horn" in front of each of its dorsal fins, which it uses for protection. The horn shark is typically a brownish color, covered in black spots, and its underbelly has a yellowish tint

A Note from the Caretaker

These sharks reproduce by depositing a unique spiral-shaped egg casing, which they wedge between rocks.

Quick Facts

Learn more about the horn shark! Did you know that this shark is named for the venomous horns on its dorsal fins?

The horn shark can be found in cold waters of the eastern Pacific, including the coastal areas from Southern California to the Gulf of California and areas around Ecuador and Peru.

The horn shark eats small fish and invertebrates.

This shark grows to be between 38 and 47 inches long.

The horn shark is not a species of concern.

Larger sharks and marine mammals prey on the horn shark.

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