VR Experiences

Get up close and virtual with creatures in far-flung reaches of the ocean, learning from experts studying them along the way.

  • Duration

    10 Minutes

  • Occurs


  • Price

    $8 Per Person

  • Ages

    All Ages

  • Start Location

    Pier 4, outside Dolphin Discovery


Immotion's Undersea Explorer Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are immersive adventures that virtually submerge guests in artificial environments. Stunning high-definition films narrated by explorers, scientists and conservationists transport viewers to swim with giants of the sea. Headsets allow for 360-degree viewing while the synced motion-platform completes the illusion; audiences will feel themselves diving beneath waves, surfacing from the depths and soaring along coastlines. It is a virtual adventure like no other!

Important Information

To participate in this experience, guests must be a minimum of 36 inches (3 feet) tall and be able to keep the VR headset secured without the use of hands. The experience is not recommended for guests who have photosensitive epilepsy, back and neck problems, heart conditions, high blood pressure, broken limbs or those who are pregnant.


Member Price: $7 per person

Members can purchase their VR experience tickets online or on-site. If purchasing tickets on-site at the Undersea Explorer VR experience (located on Pier 4 outside Dolphin Discovery), please have your membership card ready to present.

Questions? Please call Central Reservations at 410-659-4269 (available from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., seven days a week).

VR Preview

You have three virtual experiences to choose from: get a thrill by diving with sharks, marvel at the grace of migrating humpback whales or keep up with soaring manta rays.

Flight of the Mantas

Splash down into the turquoise waters of Mozambique to swim with graceful manta rays, joining marine biologist Dr. Andrea Marshall on her quest to research and protect these vulnerable creatures. This VR adventure connects guests with the intelligent and curious rays that fly through the ocean, while also presenting the challenges threatening the species. In partnership with the Marine Megafauna Foundation, the collaborative film highlights conservation efforts to protect the rays in Africa and around the globe.

Shark Dive

Join marine biologist Matthew Smukall and free diver Mike Dornellas on a search for Tiger Beach—a stretch of ocean in the Bahamas known as a gathering spot for some of the world's largest shark species, including hammerheads and tiger sharks. Dive into the depths to meet these impressive creatures up close and solve the mysteries of their adaptations. You'll even glimpse the world from their point of view thanks to the world's first VR camera mounted on a shark's dorsal fin.

Swimming With Humpbacks

Discover the beautiful and complex behaviors of humpback whales on this stunning journey. Filmed by free-diving cinematographer Jeff Hester, this VR experience places guests in the middle of the action, accompanying these gigantic mammals as they propel themselves through the open ocean. From seeing a female bond with her calf to watching young whales at play before they leave the tropical waters for their Antarctic feeding grounds, this adventure will open your eyes to a whale's world.

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