Holly Bourbon

Director of Dive Programs and Dive Safety Officer

Holly Bourbon is the director of dive programs and the dive safety officer for the National Aquarium. She oversees more than 6,500 on-site dives per year for staff, volunteers and guests, and is part of the Aquarium's Animal Care and Welfare management team.

Holly first joined the National Aquarium in 2012 after spending 7 years at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and 18 years at New England Aquarium. She was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2007 and, in addition to being the longest-term member of the Association of Dive Program Administrators, she served as the group's first female president from 2018-19. She is also an associate member of the Boston Sea Rovers, a certified dive instructor and holds multiple diving and teaching credentials. Holly holds a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

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