Winter 2022

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Our winter 2022 issue of Watermarks reflects on a busy year and the long-term commitments we have made to research, restoration, conservation and a sustainable Aquarium for the benefit of animals, their habitats and our communities. From researching jellies under our roof to monitoring animals in the air, land and ocean, to committing to conserve our region, we're in it for the long haul!

In This Issue

We're playing the long game, with a look at the long-term commitments we've made to our region, our research and to you as we celebrate another milestone improvement that ensures that the National Aquarium will sustainably meet the future. Read on for more!

Restoring a Protected Preserve: Our Work...

For more than a decade, the National Aquarium's partnership with The Nature Conservancy at Nassawango Creek Preserve on Maryland's Eastern S...

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Things Are Looking Up!

Connecting Dots: The Science of Tracking...

Jellyfish Confidential

Protecting the Preserve

Our commitment to restore Nassawango Creek Preserve on Maryland's Eastern Shore with The Nature Conservancy, volunteers and students has transformed a critical coastal Chesapeake Bay habitat back to how nature intended.

Things Are Looking Up!

Welcome back to our Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit where upgrades to our iconic glass pyramid have made a big difference, inside and out! While not many of the changes are visible, all of them are important.

Westley, one of two Linne's two-toed sloths in our Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit, explores his updated habitat.

Following Up with a Friend

When rescued grey seal Louis Armstrong was released in June after spending 14 months with us, he left with a non-invasive satellite tag attached. Over the next several months, we were able to see his whereabouts and patterns, creating an enlightening look at seal behavior, migration and populations along the East Coast. Join us for this look at Louis's path.

Keeping Track

Scientists are learning about animals and the habitats they need to thrive by tagging them and observing what comes next. From powerful sand tiger sharks to tiny monarch butterflies, see what we're learning.

Ospreys like this nesting pair at Patuxent River Park are just one species that scientists are learning about through tagging and tracking.

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President & CEO John Racanelli

"From critical campus upgrades to our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions, 2022 marks yet another incredible year of progress and conservation impact for the National Aquarium. Thank you to our members for your continued, generous support of our mission."

Jellyfish Confidential

From the Aquarium's Culture Lab to Jellies Invasion and Living Seashore, we stand firm on jellies. Listen in as Jennie Janssen of the National Aquarium and Allen Collins of NOAA Fisheries give us an insight into these fascinating species.

A white-spotted jelly drifts peacefully through its habitat in our Jellies Invasion exhibit.

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