Wallpaper Wednesdays: Sharks!

We're kicking off Wallpaper Wednesdays with two shark species of different stripes. If you love sharks like we do, you know there's more to admire about these misunderstood predators than there is to fear.

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No disrespect to the land-dwelling varieties, but our favorite zebras and tigers are found in the ocean. Update your desktop, phone or tablet with one-of-a-kind wallpaper featuring a zebra shark from Blacktip Reef or a sand tiger shark from Shark Alley.

Mobile Device Zebra Shark

Conservation alert! The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species classifies zebra sharks as endangered. As with other sharks, humans are the biggest danger to this species. The longest zebra shark on record is nearly 12 feet—and all zebra sharks have impressive tails that are almost as long as their bodies.

Desktop Device Sand Tiger Shark

Despite their intimidating appearance, sand tiger sharks are not aggressive toward humans unless they're threatened. In fact, people pose more of a risk to them than vice versa—populations of these sharks are decreasing around the world due to overfishing coupled with their slow reproduction rate. They only give birth to one or two pups every few years.

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