Shark Alley

Get up close with sharks in this 225,000-gallon exhibit.

From Sand Tigers to Sawfish

As you descend through Shark Alley, you’ll come nose-to-nose with several species of sharks, and learn that there’s more to admire about these misunderstood predators than there is to fear.

Featured Animals Extraordinary Elasmobranchs

Learn more about the residents of Shark Alley.

Largetooth Sawfish (Pristis pristis)

It's most prominent feature is its rostrum, also referred to as snout or saw, which has 14 to 23 large rostral teeth protruding from it.

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Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

Roughtail Stingray (Dasyatis centroura)

Sand Tiger Shark (Carcharias taurus)

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