Living Seashore

Discover the treasures of the mid-Atlantic in this interactive, hands-on exhibit.

Hands-On Discovery

This award-winning exhibit takes you beyond the boardwalk to the crashing waves, sandy beaches and shifting dunes of the mid-Atlantic shore. Graze your hand over the sleek fin of a clearnose skate, the pulsing bell of a moon jelly and the rigid shell of a horseshoe crab as you explore two touchpools, and develop a new understanding of this unique habitat with the help of National Aquarium educational interpreters, digital touch tables and a tactile discovery wall.


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Be a Shore Hero

Where ocean and land meet, aquatic life thrives. Seashores are more than places to spend a beach day—they’re our first line of defense when major storms hit, and they’re home to an incredible array of aquatic life. Our Shore Heroes are ordinary people who have made an extraordinary commitment to maintaining these special places. These heroes volunteer for waterway cleanups, say “no” to single-use plastics, share their love for national seashores, volunteer to assist with stranded marine animals and contribute to scientific research, all in an effort to maintain healthy seashores.

Join Us in Protecting Vital Habitats

There are so many ways to become a Shore Hero—you can join a cleanup, pass on plastic, spread the word, support animal rescue or engage in community science. Will you join us in protecting shore habitats and the animals that depend on them?

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Half-Price Friday Night

Main Aquarium

Half-Price Friday Night

Main Aquarium

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Main Aquarium

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