Yellow Tang

(Zebrasoma flavescens)


The reef-dwelling yellow tang is known for its bright yellow body. It is a popular aquarium fish and is exported from Hawaii in great numbers for this purpose. It spawns primarily during the full moon. Although males can become territorial, the yellow tang is sometimes known to live in small groups.

These vibrant fish look very similar to juvenile blue tangs, but blue tangs turn blue and grow quite a bit larger, whereas yellow tangs retain their bright yellow color and stay fairly small.

A Note from the Caretaker

These fish are lawnmowers! Any thread of algae in their path is quickly eaten and they spend large portions of their day picking at the rocks.

Quick Facts

Did you know, this reef-dwelling fish is known—and named—for its bright yellow coloring?

This fish is found in the tropical reefs of the Pacific Ocean around the Hawaiian Islands and in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

The yellow tang primarily feeds on algae.

The yellow tang typically grows to be about 7 inches long.

This species is not threatened.

Larger fish, sharks

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