Spotfin Butterflyfish

(Chaetodon ocellatus)


The spotfin butterflyfish is an oval-shaped fish with a small mouth. Its body is white, while its fins are a bright yellow. It has a black bar that runs across its entire head, directly through its eye.

This fish inhabits the clear waters of shallow coral reefs. Although it is a solitary species, it forms pairs while breeding.

Quick Facts

Learn more about spotfin butterflyfish! Did you know that the black bar across this fish's eye confuses predators?

This fish is found in the Western Atlantic, from the east coast of the United States to Brazil.

Spotfin butterflyfish feed on anemones, soft corals, tube worms and other small marine invertebrates.

This fish grows to about 8 inches long.

This species is not threatened.

Juvenile spotfin butterflyfish take shelter in seagrass beds, where many are eaten by predators that hunt for food in shallow water.

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