Silver Arowana

(Osteoglossum bicirrhosum)


The silver arowana is a freshwater fish found in South America. Adults are a pearly silver color while juveniles have a blue glint. They have very large scales and a huge downturned mouth.

When breeding, the male incubates the eggs, larvae and young juveniles in its mouths until the yolk sac has been absorbed, which takes about two months.

A Note From the Caretaker

Arowana feed on fish found close to the surface. They also eat insects that fall into the water and will even jump out of the water to grab prey off low-hanging tree limbs.

Quick Facts

Learn more about the silver arowana! Did you know that this species can jump out of the water to catch prey?

Silver arowana can be found in the floodplains of the Amazon River Basin.

Arowana primarily eat fish at the surface, but will also supplement with insects and crustaceans.

This species can grow to more than 40 inches long and weigh more than 13 pounds.

Silver arowanas’ populations have not been evaluated.

This fish is preyed upon by larger fish.

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