Kimberley Snake-Necked Turtle

(Macrochelodina walloyarrina)


A distinguishing feature of adult Kimberley snake-necked turtles is their very long chin barbels, which is why they are sometimes called "bearded" snake-necked turtles.

Quick Facts

Learn more about the Kimberley snake-necked turtle! Did you know that the only place you can see these turtles outside of Australia is at the National Aquarium?

As its name indicates, this turtle is found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, from the Fitzroy River system in the south to the Mitchell, King Edward, Carson, and Drysdale river systems in the north, and to the Ord River system in the northeast. They're found in rivers, billabongs and lagoons.

These turtles eat crustaceans, mollusks and fish.

This turtle can reach a maximum size of 10.5 inches. Males are typically about 15% smaller than females.

The population is believed to be stable.

Crocodiles prey on these turtles, and monitors eat the turtle eggs.

Meet the Expert Ken Howell

As the curator of the Upland Tropical Rain Forest, Amazon River Forest and Australia: Wild Extremes exhibits, Ken starts his day early, walking through each exhibit.

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