Our Pun-ny Valentines

Roses are red, the ocean is blue, we love a good pun and hope you do, too. Our digital, downloadable valentines feature some Aquarium favorites—and a new design for 2023!

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Did you know that the Chesapeake Bay watershed covers an impressive 64,000 square miles from New York to Virginia? Or that the beak of a macaw is strong enough to crack a coconut? Learn some new facts and spread some Aquarium love by downloading one or all of our fin-tastic valentines. Then share them with your favorite fish—or even your whole school.

Be My Chesapeake Bae

Lucky us to have a front-row view of the mighty Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in North America. The Chesapeake Bay watershed stretches from Cooperstown, New York, to Norfolk, Virginia, and touches four other states along the way—Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia—plus the District of Columbia.

Macaw Me Later

Hyacinth macaws can be found in parts of Brazil, eastern Bolivia and northeastern Paraguay. Unlike most parrots that prefer tropical rain forest habitats, hyacinth macaws favor lightly forested areas. Macaws primarily eat nuts; they also eat fruits and vegetables. Their beaks are strong enough to crack a coconut!

Only Fish in the Sea

Did you know that fish have an organ called the lateral line that plays an important role in schooling behavior? The lateral line runs along both sides of a fish's body and is sensitive to low vibrations and subtle pressure changes in water, which helps it coordinate movements with its neighboring fish in a school.

I'm Hoppy You're Mine

Thanks to the fact that the brightly colored skin of adult poison dart frogs is coated with a lethal toxin, there are few predators willing to tangle with them. Their tadpoles, though, are vulnerable and often fall prey to other amphibians, reptiles and predatory invertebrates.

But wait, there's more! Since our love for you is nothing new, take a minute to explore, download and share designs from our previous Valentine's Day collections, too. From cuddly-looking seals and sloths to slithery eels and snakes, National Aquarium valentines are the perfect way to show your whole ecosystem that you care.

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