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Valentine's Day 2022

When it comes to Valentine's Day, please forgive us for wearing our hearts on our wetsuit sleeves, but we're all about the love—love for our global ocean, the animals we share it with and you!

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And while we're always up for some fun, there's serious science to be found within the symbiotic relationships between aquatic species. From animals who survive by keeping other animals in their ecosystems healthy to species that really do mate for life, these fascinating relationships go way beyond puppy love! Help us spread all the f-eels by downloading our fin-tastic 2022 Valentines and sharing them with all of the fish in your sea (or even your whole school).

You Are Turtle-y Unique

Like our internet-famous Funzo, pig-nosed turtles are a unique-looking species native to Australia and southern New Guinea.

I'm a Sucker for You

Cephalopods like this big fin reef squid use their suckers to grip, grab and locomote along rocky underwater surfaces.

I Find You Shrimply Irresistible

The scarlet cleaner shrimp supports reef systems by eating harmful parasites off of reef fishes. That's a good friend!

I'm Hooked on You

Lined seahorses have fascinating courtship rituals. They pair off into monogamous relationships—and they actually do hold tails!

Since our love for you is nothing new, take a minute to explore, download and share our entire library of designs from previous years. From cuddly-looking seals and sloths to slithery greetings from eels and snakes, no matter the sentiment you'd like to deliver, National Aquarium Valentines are the perfect way to show your whole ecosystem that you care.

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