Site Selection Update: Climate Change

The effects of climate change have proved to be a challenge for our team when selecting a site for our future Dolphin Sanctuary.

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A recent NPR article titled "At Baltimore's National Aquarium, Climate Change Presents Challenges Inside and Out" explores how climate change is creating site-selection challenges for our upcoming Dolphin Sanctuary—and keeping our Animal Rescue staff increasingly busy.

Three years ago, when we announced our plans to create North America’s first dolphin sanctuary, we set a 2020 deadline to find the ideal location—either off the coast of Florida or in the Caribbean. But now, this 2020 goal is no longer realistic, largely due to a factor beyond our control: climate change.

"Of the more than 50 sites the aquarium has surveyed, so far not one has been deemed safe enough from things like fierce storms and algal blooms, both projected to worsen as temperatures rise," the NPR article states.

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