The Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit is temporarily closed through Fall 2022.

Turquoise Tanager

(Tangara mexicana)


The turquoise tanager is a brightly colored bird with a strikingly blue face and breast and yellow or white underside. It lives in humid lowland forests, foraging for insects and fruit beneath the forest canopy. The turquoise tanager is a highly social bird and up to four or five individuals will help to feed nestlings.

A Note from the Caretaker

We identify our individual tanagers by different colored bands on their legs. These tanagers are very vocal in the exhibit and often fly together in a small flock from one tree to another. The females are often spotted carrying nest building materials.

Quick Facts

Did you know that, despite its scientific name, the turquoise tanager is not found in Mexico or anywhere in Central America?

Turquoise tanagers are native to much of South America, including Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The turquoise tanager eats mainly fruit and insects.

Adult turquoise tanagers grow to about six inches.

This species is not threatened.

Birds of prey are the adult turquoise tanager's main predator. Snakes and other animals may predate on eggs and chicks.

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