Long-Term Educational Engagement

  • Duration

    Multiple Days

  • Grades

    3 - 5

  • Price

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  • Where

    Main Aquarium Campus,

    Your School or Location,

    In the Field


AquaPartners is a paid, cross-curricular Chesapeake Bay education program for students in grades 3 through 5, and is open to any interested public or private school within one hour's travel time from the National Aquarium.

AquaPartners features in-school, group programs, hands-on lab investigations and field experiences in local ecosystems. All activities and materials are correlated with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Activities include:

  1. Interactive theater programs and hands-on science laboratories
  2. Outdoor field study trips in grades 3 through 5
  3. Complete series of pre- and post-activities for each phase of the program

AquaPartners is a fee-based program. To learn more about participation, please contact the Aquarium's conservation education team at

Empowering Students

AquaPartners empowers students to learn about the mighty Chesapeake Bay and its habitats, develop confidence in themselves as conservation leaders and gain valuable hands-on STEAM-based experience. Participating teachers will benefit through increased science and conservation content knowledge and enhanced confidence in their strengths as science instructors. Participation in AquaPartners can also help schools meet Maryland Green Schools Award criteria and align their curriculum with Maryland state environmental literacy goals.

Participation in AquaPartners includes:

  • Full-day fall field trip experience
  • One-hour Marshland Mystery in-school auditorium program
  • One-hour Maryland Habitats Program classroom program for multiple classes
  • One-hour Waterman in-school auditorium presentation
  • One-hour Discovery Lab classroom activity for multiple classes
  • One-hour Trash in a Marsh in-class lab activity for multiple classes
  • Full-day field trip to Fort McHenry Field Station
  • One-hour The Oyster Reef auditorium presentation
  • One-hour Discovery Lab classroom activity for multiple classes
  • One-hour Chesapeake Bay Explorations in-class lab for multiple classes
  • Free admission to AquaPartners Family Night for students and their families
  • Full-day field trip to Sandy Point State Park guided by Aquarium education staff

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

The National Aquarium is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive, equitable and accessible to people from all backgrounds. We cannot successfully change the way humanity cares for our ocean planet without connecting with and appreciating the broad diversity of identities, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make our community unique.

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