National Aquarium Honors Students with a Spectacular School Shell-ebration 

Sea-star students received a free, after-hours experience honoring their academic success

The National Aquarium proudly hosted its School Shell-ebration events last week, welcoming more than 1,800 guests over Tuesday and Thursday nights for a memorable evening visit. This shell-ebratory occasion provided local students and their families an opportunity to celebrate their successful completion of the 2022-2023 school year.

The annual School Shell-ebration events grant free, after-hours National Aquarium access to local students and their families. The National Aquarium developed the event to recognize the exceptional achievements of Baltimore-area students.

"I think it is important that we acknowledge these hardworking students and their families who gave their all during the school year," states Sarah Doccolo, community programs manager at the National Aquarium. "We are honored to open our doors to our community and create a celebration that inspires the next generation of hopeful conservationists. It's all about having a great time and encouraging that passion for learning!"

The festivities, which took place on June 13 and 15, were filled with joyous moments from arrival throughout the Aquarium's exhibit path. Students were welcomed with cheers and applause by Aquarium staff and performers from Fluid Movement, a Baltimore-area creative performance troupe. Interactive performances by local jazz group Triple Threat Brass and Caribbean-influenced band Guava Jelly enhanced the excitement. Aquarium educators also engaged with students throughout the evening, encouraging them to reflect on their academic accomplishments during the jaw-some school year.

One family shared, "Thank you for celebrating students and families. We love the opportunity to visit the aquarium at a more affordable price point." Another parent agreed, commenting, "I am so grateful. My three children absolutely adore this event, and I would never be able to afford the Aquarium otherwise. It is a night that makes you feel wonderful about what we have here in Baltimore. Thank you."

School Shell-ebration, sponsored by Pepsi, is just one of many community programs offered by the National Aquarium to warmly welcome residents who wish to visit at free or reduced admission.

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