• An Aquarium for All Seasons!

    A new summer season is officially upon us! To celebrate this year’s summer solstice, learn more about the seasonal changes that happen inside the National Aquarium. Read More

    Published 6/21/2019

  • Deep-Sea Creatures

    For many of you, when you hear the words “under the sea,” your mind wanders to a certain popular animated mermaid. However, at the Aquarium, we think about the aquatic life thriving more than a mile under the sea! Read More

    Published 2/21/2019

  • Animal Health Update: Zoe the Zebra Shark

    The female zebra shark in our care, nicknamed Zoe, was previously recovering at the Animal Care and Rescue Center after a short period of illness. Read More

    Published 10/5/2018

  • A Swell Shark Surprise

    Researchers and staff at the National Aquarium were among the first to discover a remarkable capability in swell sharks: asexual reproduction. Read More

    Published 7/26/2018

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