• The Amazing, Adaptable Octopus

    Octopuses are well known for their impressive survival skills—from their ability to fit into impossibly small spaces and regrow lost limbs, to their quick camouflage capabilities and ink that clouds predators’ senses of sight and smell. Read More

    Published 10/6/2016

  • A Blue View: Dumbo Octopus

    Spot a dumbo octopus and you’ll immediately understand where it gets its name—its set of ear-like fins reminds spectators of Walt Disney’s famous flying elephant. Read More

    Published 3/8/2016

  • Happy World Octopus Day!

    In honor of World Octopus Day and Cephalopod Awareness Week, we're taking you behind the scenes with one of our favorite cephalopods: Cordelia, the National Aquarium’s giant Pacific octopus. Read More

    Published 10/8/2014

  • Happy Cephalopod Awareness Week!

    For the next five days, we’ll be joining octo-enthusiasts from around the world in celebrating Cephalopod Awareness Week. Read More

    Published 10/6/2014

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