• It's Maryland Day!

    Today is Maryland Day, a holiday commemorating the settlement of the Maryland colony in 1634. It’s also an appropriate time to reflect on how blue our state, home to the the mighty Chesapeake Bay, really is.  Read More

    Published 3/25/2017

  • Black Watermen on the Chesapeake Bay

    In honor of Black History Month, we partnered with Morgan State University, Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum to celebrate the connection between maritime industry, African-Americans and the Chesapeake Bay. Read More

    Published 2/23/2017

  • Species Spotlight: American Eels

    For a fish that may look unremarkable, American eels are some of the Chesapeake Bay’s most interesting marine residents!  Read More

    Published 2/8/2017

  • Chesapeake Bay Shows Signs of Health

    A report released last month shows the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay is better than it has been in decades! Read More

    Published 2/1/2017

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