Jay Bradley

Curator of Blue Wonders

As curator of Blue Wonders: Reefs to Rainforests at the National Aquarium, Jay Bradley oversees the care of all animals in Blue Wonders exhibits, including Blacktip Reef, Living Seashore and Shark Alley. He works closely with two assistant curators and several aquarists.

Jay first joined the National Aquarium at the Washington, D.C., location in 1997. He moved to the National Aquarium in Baltimore in March 2013 as curator of fishes' gallery exhibits. He says he appreciates the opportunity his career at the Aquarium has given him to work directly with animals and teach the public about those animals.

He holds a bachelor's degree in biology from George Mason University in Virginia and a master's degree in marine biology from Florida Institute of Technology. His thesis project focused on the feeding ecology of Atlantic stingrays.

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