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Cause for Celebration

Blacktip Reef is officially an award-winner! Visit today to discover the breathtaking exhibit that earned us the 2014 AZA Significant Achievement Award in Exhibit Design.

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Coral Reefs


These organisms form an important foundation for many ocean inhabitants, from tiny fish to large apex predators like sharks.

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Dive into an Immersion Tour and discover a fascinating world behind the glass.

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National Aquarium After Dark

National Aquarium After Dark

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Aquarium at exclusive events during evening hours.

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Sea Monsters 4-D Experience

Sea Monster 4-D Trailer

While dinosaurs roamed the land, a whole other world of beasts existed in the submerged world.

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Change for the Chesapeake

Blue Crab

The Chesapeake needs your help. Join us in our efforts to protect this wonderful resource.

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