• A Blue View: A Natural Defense

    Floods, storms, hurricanes and other extreme forms of weather can have dramatic impacts on communities, depleting natural resources, damaging important infrastructure, causing injury and costing money. Read More

    Published 7/28/2015

  • A Blue View: Predatory Skills of the Great White Shark

    So you consider yourself a shark expert? We’re challenging your knowledge of these infamous apex predators with our collection of jaw-some great white shark facts. Read More

    Published 7/21/2015

  • A Blue View: Colonial Animals

    At first glance, you’re likely to assume a bryozoan is a single organism. In fact, this “animal” is actually a colony of smaller organisms that work as a team to create a larger, functional invertebrate. Read More

    Published 7/14/2015

  • A Blue View: Shark Fact or Fiction

    In an era of sensationalized headlines and misplaced fear, the facts surrounding sharks have become murkier than the water in a “Jaws” scene. Read More

    Published 7/7/2015

  • A Blue View: Making Nature a Priority for Kids

    Scientists have long been contemplating nature’s benefits to human health, be it physical, emotional or psychological, and recent studies have strengthened the idea that getting outdoors is good for you. Read More

    Published 6/30/2015

  • A Blue View: The Ocean's Flow

    The First Years Inc. always expected its line of plastic bath toys to end up in water, but it never dreamed they would ride ocean currents 17,000 miles around the world. Read More

    Published 6/23/2015

  • A Blue View: Million Pollinator Challenge

    Did you know? One out of every three bites of food you eat comes from pollinators. Without them, we wouldn’t have foods like blueberries, apples, chocolate and almonds. Read More

    Published 6/17/2015

  • A Blue View: Grading the Inner Harbor's Health

    On the surface, the recently released 2014 Healthy Harbor Report Card may paint a bleak picture of our local waterways, but a closer analysis reveals a few reasons for hope.  Read More

    Published 6/9/2015

  • The 411 on Microbeads

    In connection with tomorrow’s #48DaysofBlue challenge, we’re breaking down what microbeads actually are and how they’re impacting our blue planet. Read More

    Published 6/3/2015

  • A Blue View: In the Mud

    Don’t be deceived by the desolate look of a mudflat. These areas of mud or sandy mud, which line thousands of miles of Chesapeake Bay shoreline, are hiding a rich variety of life. Read More

    Published 6/2/2015

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