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  • A Blue View: Where Does Your Seafood Come From?

    The seafood choices we make impact the health of our ocean, so it’s important to know where our seafood comes from. Thankfully, there are tools out there to help consumers make informed decisions about the seafood they choose. Read More

    Published 10/13/2015

  • A Blue View: Survival Skills of the Elusive Giant Squid

    The giant squid sounds like the stuff of myths—and it is. Since the 12th century, this massive underwater cephalopod has been chronicled in tales of a “Kraken” attacking sailors and destroying whole ships with its gargantuan set of tentacles. But unlike most mythical creatures, the giant squid actually does exist—only it’s not the boat-crushing monster depicted in legends. Read More

    Published 10/6/2015

  • A Blue View: Exploring National Marine Sanctuaries with Celine Cousteau

    In this week’s podcast, ocean advocate, explorer and filmmaker Celine Cousteau joins us to discuss the importance of National Marine Sanctuaries. Read More

    Published 9/22/2015

  • A Blue View: Maryland's Elusive Salamander Species

    Back in the day, coalminers relied on canaries to clue them in on potential danger. With their small lung capacity and unidirectional lung ventilation system, these feathered friends were more sensitive to carbon monoxide and methane gas than their human companions. Coalminers would know to evacuate when the birds became sick. Read More

    Published 9/15/2015

  • A Blue View: Phenology: Timing is Everything

    Rhythm is a dancer—and a strawberry, a coral reef, a peach and a firefly. Nature has its own rhythms, the circadian rhythms, which can be observed from the tiniest microbes to the leaves of colossal trees. Read More

    Published 9/8/2015

  • A Blue View: The Wandering Albatross

    The science behind the wandering albatross' flight: Read More

    Published 9/1/2015

  • A Blue View: The Secrets of Seaweed

    Many photographers and artists find inspiration in the bright colors and delicate structure of the types of flowers you might find in bouquets or table centerpieces. Josie Iselin’s work was sparked by a passion for the misfits of the plant world: seaweed, also known as macroalgae or kelp. Read More

    Published 8/25/2015

  • A Blue View: The True Blue Bloods

    The horseshoe crab may look like a simple creature, but its protective armor and incredible immune system have made it a beacon of survival for millennia. Read More

    Published 8/18/2015

  • A Blue View: How We Saved the Osprey

    If you’ve ever visited the Chesapeake Bay, chances are you’ve seen an osprey—or at least spotted one of their conspicuous nests. But not too long ago, the osprey was a rare sight. Read More

    Published 8/11/2015

  • A Blue View: Tracking Down the Great White's Ancestors

    The great white shark’s origins were a point of contention among shark experts for over a century—that is, until an unusually well-preserved prehistoric shark specimen unlocked some of the species’ evolutionary history in 2009. Read More

    Published 8/4/2015

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