• A Blue View: Nudibranchs

    You might not expect a sea slug to be particularly pretty, but nudibranchs—toxic sea slugs—could take the crown in an undersea beauty pageant. Read More

    Published 4/26/2016

  • Introducing 48 Days of Blue!

    Did you know? More than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water. Despite the strong “green” identity of the environmental movement, the majority of our planet is covered in vibrant shades of blue. Read More

    Published 4/22/2016

  • A Blue View: Making Waves with Baltimore's Water Wheel

    What does it take to collect more than 150 tons of floating trash in less than a year? You might expect the answer to be some kind of futuristic machine, but the truth is, the Inner Harbor’s Water Wheel has accomplished this feat through its combination of old and new technologies. Read More

    Published 4/19/2016

  • A Blue View: Colonial Animals

    Insects today are among the Earth's smallest creatures, but about 300 million years ago, huge bugs were relatively common. The dragonfly-like Meganeura, for example, had the wingspan of a modern-day hawk. Read More

    Published 4/5/2016

  • A Blue View: Colonial Animals

    At first glance, you’d probably guess that a bryozoan (or moss animal) is a single organism. But, in fact, this "animal" is comprised of a colony of smaller organisms that work as a team to create a larger, functional invertebrate. Read More

    Published 3/29/2016

  • A Blue View: Maryland’s Response to Sea-Level Rise

    If you’re familiar with climate change, then you probably know that the resulting rapid rise in sea levels is cause for concern. Read More

    Published 3/22/2016

  • A Blue View: Pollinators in Peril

    Did you know that one out of every three bites of food you eat comes from pollinators? Without them, we wouldn’t have blueberries, apples, coffee, chocolate and almonds, among others. Read More

    Published 3/15/2016

  • A Blue View: Dumbo Octopus

    Spot a dumbo octopus and you’ll immediately understand where it gets its name—its set of ear-like fins reminds spectators of Walt Disney’s famous flying elephant. Read More

    Published 3/8/2016

  • A Blue View: 10 Reasons to Love Manatees

    In case you weren’t already enamored with them, we’ve compiled this list of reasons to care about one of our planet’s most lovable mammals. Read More

    Published 3/1/2016

  • A Blue View: Ban the Bag

    From snack bags and straws to candy bar wrappers and bottled water, single-use plastics are plentiful. The Community Cleanup and Greening Act of 2016 aims to eliminate disposable plastic bags at points of sale in Maryland. Read More

    Published 2/23/2016

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