Marie Tharp the harp seal

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Animal Rescue Update: Harp Seal Admitted

National Aquarium Animal Rescue is currently caring for a female harp seal nicknamed Marie Tharp. READ MORE

Cold-stunned turtle on beach

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Rescue to Release, Part 1: Is Climate Change Increasing Cold-Stunned Turtles?

Every year, when cold weather starts to hit the East Coast, hundreds of endangered, cold-stunned sea turtles wash ashore in Cape Cod Bay. READ MORE


  • Anglerfish

    Deep-Sea Creatures

    For many of you, when you hear the words “under the sea,” your mind wanders to a certain popular animated mermaid. However, at the Aquarium, we think about the aquatic life thriving more than a mile under the sea! Read More

    Published 2/21/2019

  • Blue whale

    Amazing Animal Hearts

    Love is in the air—and on land and in the ocean! Celebrate Valentine’s Day by learning about some of the most amazing animal hearts. Read More

    Published 2/13/2019

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