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Have Your Best Aquarium Experience Ever


Buy Online: Pick a Time and Skip the Line

Purchasing tickets at means you can pick the entrance time that works best for you. Our timed entry is designed to ensure that everyone has a great experience. And best of all, there’s no waiting in line! What could be better than that?


Join Our Family

Apply your ticket purchase to a membership today and maximize your Aquarium experience all year! Support from our members is critical to the amazing work we do to conserve the world’s aquatic treasures. And, with unlimited admission, discounted parking, member-only events and other great perks, membership makes sense (and cents) for everyone who loves the Aquarium.


Be an Early Bird

Start your day off right—with us! Arriving before 11 am gives you a head start checking out Living Seashore, Blacktip Reef and our other great exhibits. There's so much happening as the animals begin their day, and you can be a part of it. If you're not exactly a morning person, a visit after 3 pm lets you experience our animals during a less busy time.


Turn Your Visit into an Adventure

Go behind the scenes with your favorite animals and exhibits! Whether it’s a quick 45-minute experience or an entire overnight adventure, Immersion Tours give you an insider’s look at what makes the Aquarium and all of its inhabitants so special.


Get Hands-On With Cool Creatures

Living Seashore gives you the opportunity to experience the Mid-Atlantic shore in a whole new way. Feel the wing of an Atlantic stingray, the pulsing bell of a moon jelly and the slippery tongue of a moon snail as our experts guide you through two touchpools. After exploring this brand-new exhibit, you’ll never look at the beach the same way again!


Make a New Friend

Beginning at 9 am every morning, special meet-and-greets let you get up close with a new best bird or lizard buddy, like our hyacinth macaw! Throughout the day, Aquarium staff members are on-hand to share what they love about the ocean and all of its inhabitants. From Animal Encounters and educator talks to feedings and diver presentations, there’s something going on at all hours, starting as soon as our doors open. When you get here, check the digital message boards or download the official National Aquarium app for the day’s schedule.


Unlock Aquarium Secrets

There’s something special to discover in every exhibit here at the Aquarium if you know where to look. Download our free app at the App Store or Google Play to uncover our animals’ favorite hideouts, feeding times, little-known facts about our exhibits and more. Can’t find the wobbegong shark in Blacktip Reef? Our app has a visitor tip for that! Want to see our puffins at meal time? View our app’s daily schedule of events! With fun facts, visitor tips, animal profiles and event information, the official National Aquarium app is guaranteed to provide you with the best experience possible.


Half-Price Friday Nights

Friday is your night! Get access to our award-winning exhibits for half the price of general admission during Half-Price Friday Nights, brought to you by M&T Bank. An evolution of our Fridays After Five program, Half-Price Friday Nights runs year-round, allowing you to spend any (or every) Friday evening after 5 pm with our 20,000-plus animal residents. Tickets are available online on Friday evenings on-site.


Get Great Aquarium Photos

Capture an amazing visit with incredible photos. It’s dark in here, but skip the flash and boost your camera’s ISO (if it has that ability!). Aim straight into the tank and be patient. By experimenting with your camera’s settings and taking tons of shots, you’re bound to get a few gems. Planning to post your photos online? Be sure to share them with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we might just highlight YOUR photo! The jellies are ready for their close-ups...


Take the Aquarium Home with You

Your visit doesn’t have to end when you leave the building. Keep up with our animal residents by watching our incredible Blacktip Reef webcam and following our blog. Join our conservation team in the field for a cleanup, and connect with us on social media to stay up to date on all of the amazing things happening at the Aquarium! Explore your own backyard to discover amazing reptiles, amphibians and other animals that make their homes near the water. Visit the local library or explore online resources to learn more about the animals you met during your visit. Make sustainable choices that will help conserve our oceans and waterways.

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