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National Aquarium - Screaming Piha

Screaming Piha

Lipaugus vociferans

National Aquarium - Screaming Piha National Aquarium - Screaming Piha National Aquarium - Screaming Piha National Aquarium - Screaming Piha

The screaming piha is gray-brown in coloration. Its loud call, used by males to attract a mate, is one of the most recognized sounds in the Amazon.

The screaming piha is found in the middle and lower levels of the South American rainforest. Although typically a solitary bird, the males form large groups during mating season as they attempt to impress females with their calls.

Did You Know?

The loud call of this species is one of the most common sounds in the Amazon rainforest.


The screaming piha is omnivorous, foraging for insects and fruit beneath the forest canopy.


This bird can reach up to 10 inches long.


The screaming piha is native to South America, found in northern countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia, south to Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia.

Population Status

This species is not threatened.


Birds of prey are the main predator of adults. Snakes and other animals may predate upon the egg and chick

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