Animal Rescue Update: Albert Einstein’s Release

National Aquarium Animal Rescue recently released rehabilitated grey seal Albert Einstein back into the Atlantic Ocean!

Published July 25, 2019

His namesake might be famous for daring leaps of thought in physics, but Albert Einstein the seal was a bit less adventurous on the day of his return to his ocean home. Albert took a few minutes to exit his carrier, and then flirted with dipping his flippers in the waves several times before committing to his departure.

Albert Einstein the grey seal

Albert was rescued in poor condition in April after stranding on the shore of Dewey Beach, Delaware.

He spent the past four months at our Animal Care and Rescue Center recovering from several injuries and illnesses, including a broken jaw, an infected rear flipper, puncture wounds and internal infections.

When Albert first arrived in Baltimore, he was on a diet of tube-fed fish gruel, but by the time of his release, he was hunting for fish on his own. Over the last few weeks, Albert particularly enjoyed enrichment activities designed to help sharpen his swimming skills before his return to the ocean. Since his rescue, Albert nearly doubled his weight, from 48 pounds on admittance to 80 pounds at release.

Albert was released in New Jersey rather than Ocean City, Maryland, due to the lack of seals in Ocean City at this time of year, likely due to climate and resources. There is a year-round population of seals in New Jersey, indicating a steady supply of resources necessary for seals to thrive.

Stay tuned for more animal rescue updates!

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