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Summer Recap: Animal Rescue Highlights

This summer has been incredibly busy for National Aquarium Animal Rescue. We have rehabilitated and released over 30 patients back into their natural habitats so far this year!

Published August 14, 2019

Here are some of our success stories this year!

Turtle release

February Sea Turtle Release

In our first release of 2019, we transported 34 sea turtles all the way to Smyrna Beach, Florida. Of those turtles transported, eight came from our rehabilitation center at the National Aquarium, where they received treatment for cold-stunning off Cape Cod. All eight of these turtles were critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles.

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March Sea Turtle Release

Just one month later, we released 11 more Kemp’s ridley sea turtles at Canaveral National Seashore in Florida. They too had been rehabbed after cold-stunning off of Cape Cod.

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Marie Tharp's Release

No, we’re not talking about the famous geologist, but her namesake, our harp seal rehab patient! Marie was rescued off the coast of Maryland in January. She was dehydrated, had an internal infection and displayed respiratory distress. After several restful months at our Animal Care and Rescue Center, she was cleared for her return home.

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Seal release

April Sea Turtle Release

Seven additional sea turtles were released off Little Talbot Island in Florida in April. This time, two green sea turtles joined five Kemp’s ridleys in their journey back to the ocean.

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Sally Ride's Release

Our second seal release took place in April, on the beach of Ocean City, Maryland. Sally came to the Aquarium in critical condition, dehydrated, and with a lice infestation. After three months in rehabilitation, she was good to go. Like the astronaut she was named for, Sally wasted no time taking off! After a quick sniff, she hustled into the waves.

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George and Edwin

Rehab roomies Edwin Hubble and George Washington Carver were released simultaneously on the beach of Ocean City, Maryland, in our first-ever double seal release! George overcame a respiratory infection, and Edwin (a serial strander) was released with a tracker to help the Aquarium follow his movements.

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Albert Einstein

He may have been a famous physicist whose name has become a byword for ‘genius,’ but Albert Einstein’s namesake, the seal Albert Einstein, was the last seal to graduate from rehab at our Animal Care and Rescue Center! That’s not his fault, though. Albert battled a nasty collection of injuries and infections before he was released off the New Jersey coast in July.

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Stay tuned for more animal rescue updates!

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