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Student Showcase Celebrates Summer of Learning

More than 500 students and family members attended the Aquarium’s inaugural Student Showcase event last night, sponsored by T. Rowe Price.

Published August 19, 2019

“I have absolutely loved my experience here. This summer literally changed my life. I know now I want to study marine biology and climate sciences in college.”

Student showcase 2019.

That’s a quote from one of the more than 300 students who took part in Aquarium youth programs this summer—as Aquarium on Wheels interns, YouthWorks summer employees and Henry Hall campers.

To celebrate these students and their contributions, T. Rowe Price, the National Aquarium’s official community engagement sponsor, sponsored an inaugural Student Showcase event on August 18. More than 500 students and family members attended the event and learned about year-round educational opportunities the Aquarium offers.

Alicia Wilson, vice president for economic development for Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System, was the keynote speaker. From the National Aquarium, President and CEO John Racanelli, Vice President of Education Jacquelyn Bullock, and four students—Chenille Foster, Erika Love, Madison Mattison and Janae Young—spoke.

“It can be discouraging when our national leaders fail to acknowledge the threat to our health and safety that climate change brings,” said Racanelli. “It would be all too easy for young people to feel defeated, but they are this planet’s best hope for the future. Young people can be Chesapeake Bay’s greatest champions, and they can make Baltimore City a national model for social and environmental justice. They are the ones to turn this tide.”

Learn more about National Aquarium programs for students of all ages.

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