Animal Rescue Update: Marie's Release!

Last week, National Aquarium Animal Rescue released rehabilitated harp seal Marie Tharp back into the Atlantic Ocean!

Published April 09, 2019

Early Friday morning, Animal Rescue transported Marie from the Animal Care and Rescue Center in Baltimore to Assateague State Park.

Marie Tharp leaving her carrier

The team made their way to the release site on the beach just before 11 am, while excited onlookers who braved the cold, wet weather cheered and clapped. Team members placed Marie’s carrier on the beach a short distance from the shoreline, allowing her to have time to set her own pace while entering the water.

Marie Tharp hitting the ocean waves 

After exiting her carrier, Marie spent some time reacquainting herself with her ocean home—rolling around in the sand a bit and sniffing the salty air. She then shuffled down to the shoreline to meet the waves. Marie took a dive in, and after popping up a few times here and there, disappeared back into the ocean.

Marie was rescued back in January off the coast of Maryland. Upon admission to our Animal Care and Rescue Center, she was treated for dehydration, respiratory distress and an internal infection. Over the last couple months, she steadily gained weight and strength while her health issues cleared up.

Marie is nicknamed after famous geologist and cartographer Marie Tharp, in line with the Aquarium’s rescue seal naming theme for the 2018-2019 season: famous scientists.

Animal Rescue is also caring for rescued harp seal Sally Ride and grey seal Edwin Hubble. They’re both doing well and our team is hopeful that they’re nearing the final stages of rehabilitation.

Stay tuned for more Animal Rescue updates!

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