Light City Q&A: Inspiring Conservation Action with Riki K.

We chatted with Light City exhibiting artist Riki K. about her work and its strong connection to climate change:

Published March 23, 2016


What inspired you to create a work featuring a glacier?

The idea of addressing “sustainability” visually intrigued me. I had a list of iconic images relating to climate change, and glaciers quickly rose to the top of the list. I found the challenge of interpreting this magnificent piece of nature most of us will never have the chance to see during our lifetime particularly inspiring. 

Glacier goes through a series of phases from underwater to melting. Why did you decide to show this process?

I wanted to tell a simple tragedy of a glacier. From its birth, breathing, experience the beauty of life, having that beauty disrupted, then its life taken away. A simple story that can inspire a seed of empathy in the audience for something they might not have thought so alive. 

Glacier uses natural beauty to address a serious subject. Why did you want to create a work about global warming?

I’ve always had great appreciation for nature’s beauty.  It has never failed to inspire my designs. Also, as a passionate equestrian and owner of two off-the-track thoroughbreds, I have personal interest for the optimal environment to be preserved.  

Climate change is a serious issue that lot of us ponder about, but we fail to feel much of an immediate concern. It doesn’t seem to work for most people to be lectured or feared into caring deeply about it, so I’m trying to create a memorable experience using technology and visual language to help the public feel differently.    

Do you see art as a way to effect change in the world?

I see good communication as a way to inspire change and continue to address an issue. The advantage of a visual language is that it is universal.

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