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A New Partnership is Brewing

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Dogfish Head Brewery!

Published August 17, 2016

The National Aquarium and Dogfish Head, a brewery based on the coast of Delaware, have joined forces for a truly unique collaboration. Recognizing a shared connection to the sea and dedication to sustainability and conservation, Dogfish Head Brewery is partnering with the Aquarium to help protect the ocean that is just steps from its front doors.  


With the brewery’s philanthropic support, the Aquarium can continue to lead studies about species native to north-Atlantic waters. Through this partnership, and with the help of University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, the Aquarium conducts instrumental research taking samples, tagging and tracking the endocrine status of sandbar and sand tiger shark populations. 

Additionally, Dogfish Head Brewery has already teamed up with Andy Aiken, the Aquarium’s Director of Life Support, for a special project. In his position, Aiken replicates the water of native environments, ensuring all animals thrive in the Aquarium’s exhibits. Aiken took water samples from the Chesapeake Bay and identified the exact mineral makeup of the water. Dogfish Head Brewery then used the unique fingerprint of the Chesapeake Bay’s water to brew their newest beer—SeaQuench Ale! 

SeaQuench Ale is a session sour quencher made with lime peel, lime juice, black lime and sea salt. Dogfish Head used Aiken’s findings to craft the recipe for the Chesapeake-inspired beer! 

The innovative brewing process begins with a batch of traditional Köolsch with wheat and Munich malt. Then, a batch of salt-forward gose using black limes and sea salts from the Maine and Chesapeake regions is added, followed by a batch of tart Berliner Weisse brewed with lime juice and lime peel. 

While located in different regions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, both Dogfish Head Brewery and the Aquarium recognize the importance of conservation and living sustainably. Their innovative partnership creates new avenues for both organizations to reinvigorate their commitment to sustainability through programs like Seafood Smart, and to reach new populations with the message of conservation. 

SeaQuench Ale is now available in stores and at the Aquarium’s café. Find it at your local distributor to close out the summer! 

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