Happy National Wildlife Week!

It’s National Wildlife Week, an entire week dedicated to the wonders of wildlife.

Published March 11, 2015


Photo source: Wendy Alexander

This year’s theme, Living with Wildlife, highlights the connections we have with our natural world and how we share those connections with the animals and plants around us. The National Aquarium might come to mind when you think about wildlife, but you should also take a closer look at your backyard, your neighborhood and your city. No matter where you live, chances are there is more wildlife than you realize. This week is an open invitation to get out, explore, discover, appreciate and protect the wildlife that surrounds you.

During National Wildlife Week, our partners at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) are honoring the ten cities whose citizens have the strongest commitment to wildlife. It was no surprise to learn that BALTIMORE was ranked number four! Cities were chosen for their available parkland and wildlife-friendly practices championed by schools and communities, among other criteria.  


Photo source: Wendy Alexander

Our team at the National Aquarium has been working with several partners in the state to both help inventory and improve habitat for some of the amazing plants and animals that call Baltimore our city home. Last year’s Bioblitz at Masonville Cove highlighted a stunning example of the diversity of wildlife within the city limits (more than 150 species documented in just a few hours). Our new Biohut project in the Inner Harbor also revealed an incredible amount of wildlife below the surface of our own harbor, including eels, fish, crabs, shrimp and pipefish.  

Are you interested in discovering or helping wildlife where you live? Here are some fun, simple steps you can take:

  • Help us take an inventory of the wildlife where you live.
  • Join us in providing important habitat for wildlife—volunteer at one of our restoration events!
  • Learn what you can do to make your home and yard wildlife-friendly.

National Wildlife Week is America’s longest-standing nationwide celebration of wildlife restoration, species recovery and education. The first Wildlife Week was celebrated by NWF and partners in 1938 and helped bring the nation’s attention to the need for improved wildlife management and protection.

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