2015 Recap: Conservation Wins

As 2015 winds down, we are taking a look back at some of this year’s biggest conservation stories.

Published December 09, 2015

Making Milestones

The conservation team hit two big milestones this year, reaching 1 million pieces of debris removed and 100,000 trees planted! Check out more of this year’s conservation stats below:


Embracing Solar Energy

solar farm

In May, the Aquarium partnered with Constellation to increase its renewable energy resources, including building a solar-power system in Cambridge, Maryland, designed to meet 40 percent of our annual electricity needs.

With additional energy-efficient building upgrades, we were able to avoid the creation of nearly 4,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide this summer—the equivalent of removing about 916 passenger vehicles from the road for a year!

First Annual East Coast Seafood Forum

seafood forum

In October, National Seafood Month, the Aquarium hosted the first-ever East Coast Seafood Forum. Hundreds of scientists, purveyors and economists gathered at the Aquarium to re-envision the future of sustainable seafood. Attendees participated in discussions regarding traceability, economic sustainability and aquaculture’s role in the movement.

Poplar Island Innovation


Our conservation team and volunteers returned to Poplar Island this year to help rebuild the island by planting native wetland grasses. Poplar Island recently won an Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award for its unique approach to habitat restoration!

Inner Harbor Restoration


We launched a new floating wetland in the Inner Harbor this year and expanded our Biohuts program to include more Biohuts along the Aquarium’s Pier 3 and a few at Masonville Cove.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming opportunities to join our conservation team in the field! 

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