Snowed in at the Aquarium

Published February 05, 2010

As our region prepares for a massive snow storm, most businesses are making plans to shut down early so staff members can make it home safely as the storm approaches. With the help of WMAR-TV meteorologist Justin Berk, the National Aquarium has been tracking this weekend's storm very closely. Like many businesses, we were able to make advanced plans to close early today and will stay closed to the public tomorrow. But unlike most attractions and museums, we can’t  just close the doors and return when the snow clears. Today, while most people are out stocking up on food for their families, the Aquarium's animal care staff is busy preparing food for over 16,000 animals. That is a lot of mouths to feed! The majority of these employees will help prepare food and then venture home. At our Baltimore venue roughly 20 essential Aquarium staff members have made plans to stay at a nearby hotel and will be working through the weekend to ensure that all the animals are fed, and the water systems flowing. A member of our security staff will be on-hand to help transport staff members to and from the hotel and our animal care facility, which is a temporary home for many animals like our recently rescued harbor seal. At our DC venue, which is home to over 250 animals, one aquarist will check into a local hotel tonight, and be on hand to care for the animals tomorrow.  So even when the doors of an Aquarium close to the public, important work still goes on. Thanks to a very dedicated staff, over 16,000 animals that live at the Aquariums in Baltimore and DC will be in good company during the snow storm!
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