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Plano-Coudon: Animal Care and Rescue Center Mockup


Animal Care and Rescue Center construction partner

"Our passion for this project has only grown as we've realized that we have found not just a great client, but a true partner in the National Aquarium," remarks Brett Plano, Owner and Founder. "We are honored to participate through both our construction processes and as a corporate sponsor in helping the National Aquarium to sustain and expand its operations as it continues to make downtown Baltimore a vibrant destination."

Plano-Coudon has been an engaged, active partner in the construction and build out of the National Aquarium's new Animal Care and Rescue Center in Baltimore's historic Jonestown neighborhood. The Animal Care and Rescue Center space, which serves as the backbone of the Aquarium's off-exhibit animal care and marine mammal rescue operations, not only plays a critical role in the daily care of our 20,000 animal residents; it also allows guests an unprecedented look at the life support systems and behind-the-scenes work that make the Aquarium run.

The National Aquarium Animal Care and Rescue Center project—set in an existing downtown structure—has provided Plano-Coudon with the opportunity to leverage their expertise in transforming urban sites and completing technologically demanding projects, including the creation of precise and sophisticated animal habitats, while helping the National Aquarium further our mission.

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