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Devoured Composting Used at Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Waterfront Park


Exclusive Composting Partner

The Aquarium is committed to composting, and our partner Devoured makes it happen.

Building on several years of partnership, Devoured now generously sponsors composting throughout the National Aquarium's operations. This includes compost bins for guests to use in the Aquarium's cafes, as well as for staff to use in breakrooms and areas where animals' meals are prepared.

In the United States, roughly a third of our waste is made up of food scraps and yard waste, which are compostable. Composting diverts organic matter from landfill and incineration, which reduces climate change emissions in a warming world.

Over the organizations' first 15 years of partnership, Devoured has collected over 120 metric tons of food scraps from the National Aquarium—the equivalent of about 264,000 pounds or roughly the weight of an adult blue whale! Some of the resulting compost has found its way back to the Aquarium as nutrient-rich soil used in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Waterfront Park on Pier 3.

As a composting company, Devoured values sustainable practices and waste reduction, using local composting facilities rather than hauling waste far away and creating more pollution and waste.