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T. Rowe Price

Official Community Engagement Sponsor

"T. Rowe Price is committed to enhancing community life by providing families access to local attractions and enriching experiences," said Renee Christoff, head of Corporate Social Responsibility at T. Rowe Price.

T. Rowe Price and the National Aquarium are committed to ensuring the vibrancy of the communities we serve, here in Baltimore and beyond. Together we work to improve educational outcomes for youth and enrich community life.

We are proud to recognize T. Rowe Price as our lead sponsor of community engagement, presenting sponsor of the Aquarium’s What Lives in the Harbor program and as long-time participants in our corporate membership program. The T. Rowe Price Foundation is also a generous philanthropic contributor to the Aquarium’s education and access programs. Through this comprehensive investment strategy, T. Rowe Price makes it possible for thousands of community members to experience the wonder of an Aquarium visit, dive into hands-on environmental education and learn to protect the Chesapeake Bay and all aquatic habitats. From afterschool work-study experience through the Aquarium on Wheels program to affordable access opportunities for families throughout the year, T. Rowe Price’s support ensures engaging educational opportunities are available for the entire Baltimore community.

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Meet Our Board Members

Toby Thompson - Partner

T Rowe Logo - Partner

Toby Thompson, Vice President of Equity/Asset Allocation at T. Rowe Price, was elected Chair of the Foundation Board in May 2016.

Ted Weise - Partner

Ted Wiese, CFA, is head of the Fixed Income Division for T. Rowe Price, overseeing fixed income investment management. He is the chairman of the Fixed Income Steering Committee and a member of the firm's Management Committee. In addition to serving on T. Rowe Price’s Finance and Counterparty Risk Committees, he is also a member of the Diversity Advisory Council. Mr. Wiese joined the National Aquarium Board of Directors in 2016.