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SeaQuench Ale

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Official Brewery of the National Aquarium

Officially launched in July 2016, the partnership between the National Aquarium and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is a true alignment of values and mission—a collective understanding that water connects us all and that we must work together to develop innovative ways to protect and conserve the ocean.

"Both of our organizations have a longstanding commitment to championing sustainability,” said Sam Calagione, founder and president of Dogfish Head Brewery. “We believe our SeaQuench Ale is the perfect vessel to launch this union."

National Aquarium water-quality experts—who spend their days creating and monitoring all of our aquatic habitats (that’s right, we make our own water!)—worked with the Dogfish team to craft a truly distinctive ingredient for SeaQuench Ale. Aquarium experts sourced a water sample from the Chesapeake Bay and ran it through a scientific process called ion chromatography, which provided a breakdown of the salt and mineral content of the Bay’s water. Then the teams from both organizations worked together to replicate that chemistry for SeaQuench Ale's unique brewing process.

SeaQuench Ale features three different German-style beers blended into a citrus-tart union that’s perfect for summer’s warmer days. The name of the beer stems from its nautically inspired, scurvy-snubbing ingredients as well as the unique sequence in which the different threads of beer are brewed. Keep an eye out for our logo when you pick up SeaQuench Ale in stores and look forward to a variety of Dogfish Head beers featured at select Aquarium events.

Our partnership began with a brew collaboration, but the core of our relationship is about so much more than this special product. Dogfish Head is a committed philanthropic partner, supporting many of our conservation initiatives, including efforts in seafood sustainability and research on Atlantic populations of vulnerable shark species. This partnership is a launching pad to reach new audiences and inspire these caring individuals to make choices, big and small, that will positively affect the way we view and care for the ocean.

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