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Bring Your Kids to Meet Our Kids


Intimate Aquarium brings children face-to-face with Baby Alligators, Sea Turtles and More!

The National Aquarium, Washington, home to America’s Aquatic Treasures, is booming with new life! Families are invited to meet the newest residents of the Aquarium while exploring over 250 aquatic species around the country. The Aquarium’s intimate experience and exhibit design brings children face-to-face with baby alligators, sea turtles, stingrays and more.

Taking center stage at the aquarium are four new baby American Alligators residing in the Everglades National Park exhibit where they will be fed and cared for until they grow to a fuller adolescent size. Alligator feedings occur every Friday at 2:00 PM. Our experienced and knowledgeable aquarists and herpetologists provide visitors with an educational lesson on the lives and habits of alligators and an up close demonstration of how alligators are “target trained” to respond to colors in connection with their feedings.

Click here to see a video demonstration of the feedings.

Two new baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles have also joined the aquarium. Both weigh only about a pound, but will reach up to 200 pounds. They are part of the Aquarium’s early rehabilitation program, which is helping to rebuild sea turtle populations, and will be released back into the ocean in 2012.

While most stingrays are found in salt water, our new Polka Dot Stingray pup is one of several freshwater stingray species found in South America. It is featured in our Amazon River exhibit.

The Scrawled Cowfish is the tiniest of our new babies, measuring about an inch long and only 3 ounces. At full size he’ll still be a mere two pounds. Find this little guy in our Atlantic Patch Reef exhibit.

At about 45 minutes to tour, this charming Aquarium is a hit with preschoolers and anyone seeking a dose of tranquil aquatic calm in downtown Washington. Steps and ledges help the little ones get as close to the fishes as their older siblings, and the Aquarium’s intimate, single-level footprint makes it easy for kid and their families to navigate the galleries.

General Admission $9; seniors and military, $8; Children 3-11, $4; younger than 3, free. Visit or call 202-482-2825. The National Aquarium Washington, DC is a private, non-profit organization funded by private and public support and admission revenue to operate.

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