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Northern hogsucker

Northern Hogsucker

Hypentelium nigricans

Northern hogsucker Northern hogsucker Northern hogsucker Northern hogsucker

The hogsucker is a very distinctive-looking fish with a pronounced, fleshy, subterminal mouth. This fish has a large head and narrow body, which is mottled with black markings over a light brown-white body. The hogsucker inhabits rocky creeks and small rivers.

Did You Know?

These fish are good indicators of waterway health, as they are intolerant of polluted and dirty water.


The hogsucker eats benthic (i.e., bottom-dwelling) invertebrates, fish eggs, and some algae and plant matter.


The northern hogsucker can attain lengths of up to 2 feet and weigh a pound.


Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, Mississippi River basins and throughout the Mid-Atlantic drainages

Population Status

Least concern


Larger fish and wading birds prey on the northern hogsucker.

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