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Guineafowl puffer

Guineafowl Puffer

Arothron meleagris

Guineafowl puffer Guineafowl puffer Guineafowl puffer

The guineafowl puffer has a rounded body covered with prickles, and is generally brown or golden in color, depending on life stage. The color can be highly variable.

Did You Know?

This puffer can inflate by inhaling water or air.


Guineafowl puffers are omnivorous, feeding mainly on the tips of branching corals and, to a lesser extent, on sponges, mollusks, bryozoans, tunicates, forams, algae, and detritus.


The guineafowl puffer can reach 20 inches in length.


Indo-Pacific Ocean

Population Status

This species is not threatened.


Large fish prey on this puffer.

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